Strategy Planning Part 1

Understand the basics of formulating a strategy and the tools required for its implementation.

Strategy Planning Part 2

Create a tangible plan to define and achieve action items of a strategy.

Financial Compliances for NGOs

Establish an enhanced accounting and taxation outlook by diving into financial regulations for NGOs, revised guidelines for FCRA, compliances and reporting requirements under various acts.

Basic of Crowdfunding for NGOs

Convert supporters into fundraisers, automate processes & raise funds at events.

Better Internal Finance Control Measures for NGOs

An overview of tax exemptions, capacity-building of NGOs, fundraising and budgeting, and FAQs.

Programme Design and Implementation

Know more about to design your program effectively and work with a smooth and efficient implementation plan.

Budgeting Formulation for CSR Grant Proposals

Learn the process of making an appropriate estimation for each expense item, classifying expenses under suitable project head, and submitting a comprehensive budget aligned to project activities and timelines.

Fundraising Webinar

Watch this video to find out more about what corporates look for from non profits. Get information on NGO compliance, how to ensure your website represents your organisation in the best way possible and so much more!

Recruiting in the Development Sector

Allow Atma Network and Jojo Mehra from Notch Hire ( Watch this webinar to help you tackle all the challenges that the recruitment season brings with it - be it sourcing, screening or selecting the perfect candidate.

Effective Recruiting Processes

In this webinar conducted by Atma Network and JobsForGood, find out how to read between the lines while going through resumes, learn how to create the most effective job descriptions and attract the best the best fit for the role!.

Rewards(Monetary and Non-monetary) to Motivate your Employees

The video talk about how can you reward your employees keeping the budget and time in mind. What are some non-monetary techniques that you can successfully use to motivate your team.

Prevention Of Sexual Harassment Policy for NGOs

Learn about what exactly sexual harassment is, the policies in place, what you can do to help, and much more.

Understanding and Integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Watch this Atma Network webinar to understand the United Nations Global Goals better, and learn how to integrate them into your organisation's current and future goals so you can attract funding from the global community.