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Q. What is Atma Network?

A. The Atma Network is a platform for entrepreneurs starting and scaling social education companies or NGOs. The Atma Network gives entrepreneurs how-to guides for developing their organisation, templates for execution and examples of how other leading entrepreneurs have addressed their most pressing challenges; saving time, resources and building the talent through exposure and networking.

Q. How can Atma Network help?

A. The Atma Network can help you evaluate where your organisation currently stands. It would also help guide you on the best next steps and projects for your organisation that will help you grow further. The Network would help guide you on a variety of projects that you can take under various development areas of your organisation like Fundraising, Marketing, HR, etc. With the Atma Network you can accelerate the growth of your organisation

Q. How can I register on Atma Network?

A.Please refer to our How-to guides at the top of this page.

Q. How to take Life Stage Survey?

A. Please refer to our How-to guides at the top of this page.

Q. Why should I take Life Stage Survey?

A. Please refer to our How-to guides at the top of this page.

Q. Why cant I see Take Survey link?

A. The Survey Link can be seen only for 30 Days after the Survey needs to be taken. If your date of taking the survey has expired, the link will not be visible. To get the link activated again, please mail us at

Q. Why cant I see Life Stage of a module?

A. If you haven't taken the Survey for a particular Organisational Development Area, then you wont get the Life Stage for that particular module. Please go to Surveys and then find that ODA and complete your suvey to find the rating.

Q. Why am I getting error while taking the Life Stage Survey?

A. If there are two same high scores for your sections of the Life Stage Survey, the system will show an Error message. This signifies that the you need to reevaluate your answers in case to get an accurate Life Stage rating. You will have to marginally change an answer in the section where it is showing you an error. In case you encounter any other sort of error, please do send an email along with a screenshot of the same to

Q. 9.How do I sign up for the webinars?

A. The Atma Network conducts three kinds of webinars:

  • Orientation-which introduces new members to the Atma Network website and introduces them to our many different initiatives. These take place during the first week of every month.

  • Informative-where an expert in a certain field discusses different issues of organisations development which are faced by most organisations

  • Peer to Peer-Where different organisations come together to discuss a common challenge and find solutions by learning from one another. Please do fill in this form if there is a particular topic that you would like to attend a webinar on.

For updates and information on upcoming webinars, please follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our Newsletter.

Q. I missed the orientation webinar, how do I watch it again?

A. If you would like to watch the Orientation Webinar, please click on (provide link). In case you have any queries or doubts after watching the video, please do email us on

Q. How can I start a discussion forum on the Atma Network?

A. You will find forums at the bottom of the page for every module. They were created so that members can learn from their peers. Members can post a question which will then be answered by other members or the Atma Network team. For more information, please refer to our How-to guides at the top of this page.

Q. How can I subscribe for the Atma newsletter?

A. Atma Networks newsletter featured regular updates on different events, grants and initiatives to help its members maximise their capacity. Our newsletter also features the great work being done by our member NGOs. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to subscribe to our newsletter.

Q. How do I add my own resources to the network??

A. If you would like to submit resources to the Atma Network, please go to this page and follow the steps given.

Q. How do I get featured on Atma Networks social media?

A.If you are interested in showcasing your organisation's journey and its relationship with the Atma Network to the larger Atma Network community. Please sign up on this form. We will get in touch with you soon after!

Q. What is an Organisation Admin?

A. An Organisation Admin is the person representing their NGO or social enterprise on the Atma Network. He/She also has the authority to identify the appropriate user for different ODAs. They are responsible for taking all the Life Stage Surveys and evaluating the progress of each ODA in their organisation.

Q. Why should I add a module user?

A. A module user is a user who is only assigned one or more areas of organisational development. This helps divide the work and also allows the Organisation Admin to check on progress on different modules which are being handled by different members.

Q. How do I add a Module User?

A. Please refer to our How-to guides at the top of this page.